Is there anything known about the accuracy of timestamps returned by the Gracenote services? For example, if I take the starting moment of a TV program according to the eyeQ EPG, add the values obtained from the Gracenote Entourage app, how close does this come to the actual moment in time the sample was fingerprint?

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Hi,That should get you within 1-3 seconds of the actual moment you fingerprinted. 

Thanks for your answer cweichen. I actually did what I described in this first post here. I obtained a few of the described timestamps (EPG+Entourage match offset) and compared these with my local timestamps (the moment the fingerprinting command was issued). Next, I compared both timestamps with each other and subtracted them from each other. After doing this a few times (same EPG information and channel, samples obtained in the given order), I obtained the following time differences (sec:ms).03:14200:19400:15903:15300:20503:12000:16203:19300:20203:18803:19103:13000:23500:20100:19803:20603:261 As can be seen here, there is a pattern in these differences. About half of them range between 03:130 - 03:261 while the other half ranges between 00:120 - 00:235. Clearly there is a pattern here, namely caused by a more or less fixed difference of 3 seconds. My question is: where does this 3 second difference come from? Is this caused by the Acr.GnAcr.DoManualLookup() method I'm using (the moment I record my local timestamp is the moment I call this method) or is this server side related? Note: I saw the sticky about stackoverflow. But I doubt anyone from the community will be able to answer this question and it is also a follow up question on this forum topic, so therefore I post it here. If this is a problem I can post it on stackoverflow aswell.