Many of the YouTubers have been complaining that the constantly changing algorithms for trending content has left them with far less viewers of their videos than what they had in the past. Being a marketer, you need to follow the trending marketing strategies of making animated videos for businesses. YouTube ranks a video according to the amount of time a person spends watching a video. It means the longer your video is, the more time people are going to spend time watching it and the higher ratings will it get. As for animated videos, they lose their essence with the increasing duration if the video. which means a 30 seconds video being more compelling is likely to get disappeared faster and cost you your audience in return. It means that you need to have a backup video on other social media sites from where you could share and generate leads to your business. You can pair your videos with longer ones to maintain the viewers’ attention span and keep your video content on YouTube for as long as possible. You could use sites like video animation company to make YouTube content and save them there for later use. Do you think having a backup can help you making more leads?

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