I'm using GracenoteMusicID.framework and it is working very nice there is no issue. But Actual problem is  i'm currently working with metaio sdk 4.1.2. When i'm using metaio with out GracenoteMusicID.framework it is working fine.When i'm using GracenoteMusicID.framework in the same app then Application hangs at Metaio branded loading page upto 10 mins and more also. Why i don't know.Could you please provide any solution... it's very serious issue for me, very urgent requirement of client. Thanku in advance, it's my honourable request please respond....

Hello,We cannot do much here. We will gladly look into any confirmed Gracenote issue. Here, we cannot tell. The issue might well by due to metaio sdk... Sorry. 

Yeah, but actually we raised the issue in metaio sdk also, they replied like this... Please see the conversation on below link  ""..They just verified their sdk by debugging my example application.Please if you feel free to solve my issue then i will send my example app ,once you have look on that.