I have created a universal app that recognises songs similar to Shazam and SoundHound. So far my app works as intended on an iPhone but not on an iPad.


In order to initiate the recognition method I am using the following method:



[GNOperations recognizeMIDStreamFromMic:[self initGN] config:self.config];



- (id)initGN


    self = [super init];

    return self;



This does work as intended on the iPhone however on the iPad it doesn't get any matches. I assume the mic isn't recording. Is anyone else experiencing anything similar and if so any ideas on how I can fix it?

I would make sure your iPad is connected to the internet over Wifi or cellular network when trying to identifying songs. If it is connected to the Internet and you sre still getting the problem remove / delete your app from the iPad and reinstall the application. Once you have re-installed it check that iPad is connected to internet and launch your app and try to recognize songs again. If this does not fix the problem I suggest you set the GNConfig property "debugEnabled" and provide the debug log (see sample app provided with SDK).