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Hello Gracenote Developers,

We are happy to announce the Interactive Rhythm API Console is now available. This is a tool for you to easily try out the Rhythm API to get a sense of what it offers and what you can do with it.

Please go to the Rhythm API page for more details and start playing around.
Remember, you MUST first get a Gracenote API key (a Client ID) to be able to use our APIs. To do so, register for an account and go to "My Apps" page and follow the instructions to get your Client ID.





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Hope that the site will be on top, to get more players and help people enjoy after the days tired.


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Go with the console, it shouldn't do anything bad, you can import the API like normal and use the functions as you would


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Thank you for making this happen. I've been waiting for this Interactive Rhythm API Console to be available. This will really help me to try out the Rhythm API. 

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