Hi there, I wanted to try the RT client but it seems I can't get a working version of the zip file.

The download stops at 14 MB but neither WinRar nor 7zip can't open the archive because looks like it's damaged. Do you have an alternative link so that I can download and try it?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the inconvenience, the GNSDK for WinRT should be around 25 MB and I've uploaded a new file to the website.
Can you try to download it again and see if that works? And if you're still having the same issue, please reply here and I will get you an alternative link to download.

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay.

It actually went smooth this time, I guess the previous file on server was somehow broken.

Have a nice day and thansk again for the support.

Incomplete download it shuge problem. Any app that is downloaded incompletely won't work properly. Also, one needs to update the application to make it function efficiently.


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