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Currently i'm using "GN_Music_SDK_iOS" SDK in my iPhone App.I just started the recording music by

"[GNOperations recognizeMIDStreamFromMic:responseObject config:config];" method, then it is gieving recording status by "GNStatusChanged:" method.But according my application requirements the recording is need to stop by our self, that is by clicking some button .How can i stop recording of music and continue our searching in Grace note SDK ?

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Once the application calls recognizeMIDStreamFromMic the recording will automatically stop after it has sufficient audio to recognize the song. This should take a few seconds. The audio will then be used to retrieve the metadata for the song. The application will get a GNStatustChanged notifications stating that it is "Recording" (including percent complete) when the SDK is recording from the microphone. Once the recording is complete the application will receive additional GNStatusChanged notifications (Fingerprinting, Contacting Webservices). See section "Status Change Updates" in ios_mobile_client_implemenetation_guide.pdf document.  When the metadata for the recognizeMIDStreamFromMic operation is available the SDK calls the GNResultReady method. If the app needs to cancel the recognizeMIDStreamFromMic operation (or any other GNOperations) while they are executing it can call GNOperations cancel or cancellAll methods (see "Cancelling an Operation" in ios_mobile_client_implementation_guide.pdf document). Please look at the GN_Music_SDK_iOS sample app source code that is provided with the SDK. You can build and run it. When running this sample app click on button "Recognize From" -> "Mic". You will see the status callbacks (Status: Recording %) at top.