I used the MusicIDStream example to identify music, in the example it uses a .wav file and that is how it identifies the music.

In my app I record a 10 second .wav file using a usb microphone.

I would like to modify my app to listen to the audio source until it recognizes the music.

For ex. if it needs 5 seconds then it listens to it 5 seconds, if it needs 9 second it listens to it 9 seconds.

I don't want to listen every music for 10 seconds, I want to listen until it recognizes the music.

How can I do this?

Which version of GNSDK are you using? Is it GNSDK or GNSDK for Mobile? If it's GNSDK for Mobile, which platform?

I  use the latest version of gnsdk. I run my app on a raspberry pi 2.

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