I have been using the Gracenote Web API in an application for the last year without any issues. Suddenly a couple weeks ago, my application stopped working. I am receiving a "Gracenote Error 130/74" error in response to a simple ALBUM_TOC query, as shown below.

      <OFFSETS>182 22655 43402 62232 80820 106382 137442 165505 185752 200007 209800</OFFSETS>

  <MESSAGE>GCSP: Hello error: [130] Please contact Gracenote ODP 00431 [Name: ***** *******] [App: ********] support.[Gracenote Error 130/74]</MESSAGE> 

I found this Stackoverflow question, which appears to be strongly related to my issue. However, I get no hex number that I can look up. Also, when I attempt to create a new app on, the only option I am given is to choose the Entourage platform, which is of no use to me.

Any idea how I can resolve this error?

(One other key point: this is a personal app, and one that I didn't use for several weeks before encountering the error, so it can't possibly be a quota issue.)


Your license has expired and we have sent an email to you with instructions on how to renew your license. It will help to fix the problem. Please let us know if you have any questions.


I followed the intructions in the email and renewed the license. I continue to receive the same error.

Hi Matthew,

Your request has been processed. Please try it again and let us know if you have other questions.

It is working again, thank you.

I do not recall seeing any kind of advance communication that my license would be expiring or require renewal, and the error message gives no indication that this was the issue. Will this happen every year, or will some kind of alert email be sent to remind me that a license renewal is upcoming?


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for bringing up this question.
We are setting up an alert email to notify developer when license is about to expire.
And the license renewal instruction will be included in the alert email as well.
Once we implement the alert, this issue you encountered will not happen in the future.


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