Hi, I'm posting here on behalf of the developer. I'm getting a webservices error when running the Android app "Scrobblr" and the error appears to stem from an out-of-date client license. The error message says to contact Gracenote ODP 06003 and provides the name Pierre Börner and the app name Scrobblr. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, thank you for reaching out to us. I've been trying to contact Pierre for a while regarding license expiration but have yet to receive any response. I can temporarily activate the Client ID for Scrobblr to work, but would like to have Pierre or the Scrobblr team contact me if possible.

Hi again, Wai-Yu, and thanks for your help last time. Is there any way you can activate the Client ID again for the Scrobblr app? Also, it looks like Pierre uses this email address now, might be worth a shot if it's different from what you have on file:


Hi Richard,
Thanks for providing the updated email address, I can now contact Pierre to complete the license renewal process.
In the meantime, I've re-activated the Client ID again.

Hello again, Wai-Yu! I'm back! :) Looks like the temporary license expired again... also, have you heard back from Pierre at that new email address?


Hey Richard,
Sorry about that, I haven't hear back from Pierre so I can only extend the license temporarily again. If you can reach Pierre and ask him to do the renewal, that will be very helpful!


I hate to keep asking this but can you renew the license again? I've emailed Pierre again to see if he gets the message and I'll keep trying to get through to him so he can do a permanent renewal. Thanks again!