Hey !

I was at the Paris Music Hack Day where you guys were.

During the Gracenote presentation it's been announced that you are now partnering with Deezer in order to give us the Deezer IDs in the Rhythm API responses. And I'm very excited about that ;)

Any information about when it will be available?

Thanks !

-- Ben

Or any beta?

Thanks for joining us at Music Hack Day Paris, and thanks for your interest! We don't have a firm date right now, but we are working on releasing it in the next few weeks. Please stay tuned!

Did you guys though about including that Deezer id when the music -ID api is used? this will be a powerful add-on as it will allow deezer users to play the song that they were able to identify.

Deezer ID's are now available for all Gracenote developers! Just include the "link" option to receive Deezer ID's (if available) with each query.

Could you please give me  example code?