Hi, I can't manage to fully download the gnsdk. It's really slow for me(30 kbps) , and i've tried downloading it like 6 times now, always getting incomplete zip file.

I installed a download manager exclusively to handle the sdk, but the link doesn't allow it (403 error).

Is there any mirror where I can get it, or do you have any suggestion on how to download it? I've tried chrome and  explorer with the same results.

I would be extremely thankful if anyone reading this could share it via google drive or something like that,

link -->

Not sure what the problem was, but the morning after, I tried again and downloaded just fine at full speed

I'm glad that it worked out. Thanks for your patient.

Hi! Sorry for the trouble. I have uploaded the SDK and tested, should be fine now.
Please let us know if you are still having issue downloading.

@Wai-Yu Hsieh:Thanks for reply

@Wai-Yu Hsieh:

I have downloaded SDK which was  you uploaded In that SDK I found "GnSDKObjC.framework" and In this tutorial "" suggest to import "GracenoteMusicID.framework".

Could you tell me  both SDK are same? 

Looking for your reply as soon as possible.



I have tried to download gnsdk from for many time, but always get incomplete zip file.

I tried the follwing methods, but I got the same results.
changed web browser (FireFox, IE)
changed PC
changed OS (Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit, puppy linux precise 5.7.1)
restarted my router.

I am having same problem. Can i use wget and supply login details to download?

I have Download the GN_MUSIC_SDK,jar, and i have put it in the libs folder but i cannot import the fracenote library

what do i do?

SDK Download is still not working... mobile sdk downloads fine but the GNSDK does not work.

do you have a way i can get this SDK? does anyone have a copy they could upload or send via wetransfer?

SDK is now able to be downloaded in full!

Thank you!

Cannot download GNSDK for mobile. Downloaded file is always incomplete

Same for GNSDK.