Gm beloved pixelpushers and bugfixers,

I'm trying to develop an android wear project with among others gracenote api. I still have the following problem already asked here: Gracenote (GNSDK) on Android Wear. That in mind I want to know whether it is possible to get the fingerprint of a song before identification? If I'm right Gracenote works like this: Record whatever the mic gets, turn it into a 'fingerprint' (Some sort of string since it definitely is not sending the whole audio stream?). Send the fingerprint to GN database and retrieve the result. Since my first approach to do the identification on the wear itself didn't work out, my next idea was to record audio via wear mic and send the 'fingerprint' to the mobile device do the identification part there and send the result back to the wear as string/asset/data. Is it possible to somehow get this fingerprint? Is it part of some GN object (already looked in the documentation but since it is not very good I didn't find anything)? Would be nice if someone knows if it is even possible or can give me a hint where to look for an answer.

Many thanks in advance!

Have a nice day.

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