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Dear Gracenote Developer,


Gracenote’s GNSDK for the Developer Program is now available for download at

Changes in Version 3.07

  • The key GNSDK_GDO_VALUE_DISPLAY_SCRIPT_DISPLAY, which was to be used to return the display string of the script of a result, e.g. Latin, has been removed pending provision of supporting data. The key GNSDK_GDO_VALUE_DISPLAY_SCRIPT, which returns the script code, is still available.
  • Logic has been added to prefer query results most consistent with the set locale in cases where there is more than one match.
  • There have been some changes to the MusicID-Stream API. Note that much of this API is marked as Experimental and so may change in future releases.
  • Added GNSDK_VIDEO_OPTION_ENABLE_MINIMAL_DATA which currently reduces the number of Credits returned from a Video Contributor query.

Issues Fixed in Version 3.07

  • Fixed a potential crash when executing gnsdk_musicidfile_query_do_albumid() could crash of the flag GNSDK_MUSICIDFILE_QUERY_FLAG_AGGRESSIVE was set.
  • Fixed a crashing bug in the query status callback. If a query was aborted when the query state was gnsdk_status_complete, then library shutdown with gnsdk_manager_shutdown() would crash.
  • Fixed an issue in which after calling gnsdk_storage_sqlite_option_set( GNSDK_STORAGE_SQLITE_OPTION_CACHE_FILESIZE, <value>) a new cache was created, the new cache would not respect the file size limit.
  • Fixed an issue in C++ in which cancel from MusicID was not always effective.
  • Fixed an issue in which queries against the cache using GNSDK_LOOKUP_MODE_ONLINE_CACHEONLY would create a cache if none existed.
  • Fixed an issue in which Android applications using the C API to the GNSDK were required to include the gabi++ library included in the Android NDK. This dependency was not necessary and is no longer required in 3.07. Android applications using the GNSDK C++ and Java APIs will require the gabi++ library from the Android NDK.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Official name of a contributor resulting from an online query was missing in some cases where the official language was not the same as the locale language.
  • Fixed an issue in which GNSDK_GDO_VALUE_DISPLAY_LANGUAGE_DISPLAY was returning the incorrect field. The language display string returned with this key is now the language corresponding to the code returned by GNSDK_GDO_VALUE_DISPLAY_LANGUAGE.



Please see the Release Notes for full details of fixed issues and limitations.

For more details, please refer to the documentation in the SDK.

You may login at anytime to download. Your username is your email address. If you have forgotten your password, simply use the Password Finder link available on that page.

If you have questions or require more information regarding this release, please contact your Gracenote Global Services Account Manager.

Best regards,
Gracenote Developer Support and the GNSDK Team




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