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/* Initialize SDK */
GnManager manager = new GnManager(gnsdkLibraryPath, licenseFile,

What value is expected in gnsdkLibraryPath?  Should the path include the file name? 

If filename is required what file is expected: gnsdk_csharp.dll?  Even though if is a reference in the app?




Same Question on this side.

Hope for an answer on this one


Same Problem here.

Please help.


Here are some steps that i find handy for creating a C# project on MS Windows using Visual Studio .  

1) add a reference to the gnsdk_csharp.dll library

2) add the gnsdk_csharp_marshal.dll native library  to your project with the "copy if newer" file property ( it needs to be where the above CLR library is ) . There are 2 versions of this library :  win_x86-32  and win_x86-64  . use the one suited to your project.

3) the gnsdkLibraryPath referenced in

GnManager manager = new GnManager(gnsdkLibraryPath, licenseFile,

is the directory path to where the native GNSDK libraries are ( look under lib\win_x86-32 or lib\win_x86-64 in your  gnsdk-<version> folder)  . You should see the following libraries there : gnsdk_manager.dll , gnsdk_correlates.dll, gnsdk_link.dll, etc.

IMPORTANT : the directory path must correspond to the same architecture type as the gnsdk_csharp_marshall.dll . (x86-32 or x86-64)

TIP : you could simply copy all the files in steps 2 and 3 into the actual folder where your binary is running from and set the gnsdkLibraryPath  to "."















Hi, I am also getting the same sort of error just after registering for a user ID and then conducting a search query using my new user ID:

GCSP: Hello error: [130] Please contact Gracenote ODP Unassigned 15333 support.
[Gracenote Error 130/74]

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