I'm creating an ios app using your amazing fingerprint api.

I have just a question: i have create in my app a section with mp3 files.

I have seen that if i play an mp3 and then i stop it, if i try to make a search using your fingerprint function it gives this problem: GNFPX Fingerprint Creation (OSStatus) -50
The problem is that mic seems disabled and i can't use fingerprint.

So i think the problem is if i play a music mp3, also if i stop it, the fingerprint doesn't start like if microphone will be closed.

So how can i do to solve this problem? I would like to create an app with a section with mp3 and a section with your recognizing fingerprint function.
Is there the possibility to ask to open mic everytime i click on mic search using your api key?

Or can you tell me a streaming class compatible with mic recognize and fingerprint?


On the xcode simulator it plays. But not on iphone.

Let me know.

Thank you.