We are looking for a specific external track ID code, from Sony Music who call it a "G01..." number. (For example: "G0100005780427" is their id for Bruce Springsteen, album GREATEST HITS, track Born To Run). In direct talks with their team, they have assured us that they provide this info to you, and that you should be able to return it with the track metadata response. 

In the past, your team turned on the ability to get ISRC codes returned with tracks, so I'm asking if this "G" ID number can also be turned on to show up in the responses. Is this possible?

For reference, here is an example query:
        <TEXT TYPE="ARTIST">rolling stones</TEXT><TEXT TYPE="TRACK_TITLE">sympathy for the devil</TEXT><OPTION>


And here is how we see the ISRC external ID coming across, just as a reference:
<XID DATASOURCE="gracenote" DATATYPE="isrc">USA176810010</XID>


Thank you for your question.
We currently do not provide Sony ID through the Developer Program.
If you still wish to gain access to Sony ID, please contact us through

Thanks for your response. We'll look into getting this data from other angles.



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