Hi, I have a problem to get Japanese Character.

I'm trying to get some track titles from TOC in Win8, C# and C++/CX.

And the some of result is appeared with character corruption or blank.

I checked the value in debug mode for the blank, and a message of the value was meaning like "invalid character is included".

I set locale and perform a query like this ...

GNSDK_LOCALE_GROUP_MUSIC, /* Locale group */
p_user_handle, /* User handle */
GNSDK_NULL, /* User callback function */
0, /* Optional data for user callback function */
&locale_handle /* Return handle */

gnsdk_manager_gdo_value_get(track_title_gdo, track_keys[i], j, &out);

Are there any point to fix it?

PLEASE tell me how I can make it.

Thank you for your help.

Hi There,

All strings returned from GNSDK are in the UTF-8 encoding format. The gnsdk_manager_locale_load() API, and GNSDK Locales in general, do not affect the encoding of the strings - they are always UTF-8. GNSDK Locales only affect the description used for certain fields in the results (eg: Genres).

Be sure you are decoding from UTF-8 when converting strings to Win8 and C#. I know C# does not have built-in support for this so it is unlikely your application is doing the proper decoding.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Paul. I made it !