I just started using Music Web API and would like to retrieve artist biography information. With pygn, I was able to search for artist, track, discography, and album, and got plenty of metadata except for artist biography. The return value for this "artist_bio_url": "" is always empty. I am wondering if this information is available in the Gracenote's database, or it depends on the subscription level? Thanks



Hi Danny,
At the moment, we do not have artist biography available on any subscription level.
We will reply to this thread if we have a clear plan about this.
Thanks for asking!

Thank you, Wai-Yu. 

Any suggestion on retrieving a list of similar artists (or a list of similar tracks) based on one seed artist (track)? can this be done using Web API or only via Rhythm API? 


At the moment, you can only use Rhythm API to generate a list based on a seed artist and parse the returned artist. Hope this will work for you.