We have been asked to get the UPC code identifiers for tracks that we are searching using your WebAPI and doing ALBUM_SEARCH calls. I don't see UPC values being returned by default for any queries, and so am wondering if this metadata can be "enabeled" or somehow accessed via the WebAPI?

We've seen that you're able to add other types of secondary data values to the response (eg ISRC codes for example) - can you also add UPC for the albums?



For reference to my question above, here is our example query for AlbumSearch that we're using to get metadata about certain tracks and their albums:
        <TEXT TYPE="ARTIST">rolling stones</TEXT><TEXT TYPE="TRACK_TITLE">sympathy for the devil</TEXT><OPTION>


And here is how we see the ISRC external ID coming across, just as a reference:


      <XID DATASOURCE="gracenote" DATATYPE="isrc">USA176810010</XID>



Hi, we do not have UPC available for developers.