I started to getting this error while trying to make requests to the server.

GCSP: Registration error: [110] Please contact Gracenote ODP 05353 [Name: Surik Saiadian] [App: Gearam Music ID] support. 

What is that supposed to mean?


Your application is making a lot of user registration and hence you've hit your user quota. Can you tell me how you handle user registration and the User ID?

Hi Wai-Yu,

Thanks for reply!

I use Android persistent storage like in SDK example:
gnUser = new GnUser( new GnUserStore(mContext), gnsdkClientId, gnsdkClientTag, appString );

I looked at the application statistic and found 72K total downloads. I think the issue in this. Looks like I should to remove the application from the Samsung apps since I cannot support a growing number of users without commercial license.

Could you tell what is the current user registration limit for non-commercial licence?


Hi Surik,
User registration limit varies case by case. It can be affected by different factors.

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