I am having some problem query using MusicID-Stream Fingerprint. 

I am constructing the query as outlined belowed (extracted out from the Web API documentation): 

    <FINGERPRINT ALGORITHM="a_fingertprint_algorithm" VERSION="a_version_number">

However, I am getting a "FINGERPRINT is missing required infromation" as the response.  Any idea what else beside Algorithm and version that I need to input? Or am I miss interpreting the error message?



P.S. - an_xml_data_black has been replaced with <FP_BLOCKS ... ><FP_BLOCK ... ></FP_BLOCK></FP_BLOCKS>.

Hey Robert,I need a little more information about your request. Are you using GNSDK or the Mobile SDK to fingerprint the audio first? Currently we don't provide a way to submit a raw audio track to the Web API for fingerprinting. Could you elaborate on what you mean by "an_xml_data_black has been replaced with ." ?Thanks,Derek

Hi Derek,

Thank you for the quick response.  Yes, I am using GNSDK first.

I am getting the xml output of the fingerprint of a track via GNSDK's gnsdk_musicid_query_get_fp_data().  I then extract everything between <FP_BLOCKS></FP_BLOCKS> (including the FP_BLOCKS tag) and input them between the <DATA></DATA> tag within the xml query, i.e.:


<Auth><client>My Client ID here</client><user>my user id here</user></auth>




Hey Robert,Sorry about the formatting in the forum. We're working on it. Would you mind sending me the exact query that you're submitting?Thanks,Derek

I think what was going on is that you were submitting an XML query that was formatted for a MusicID-File fingerprint, but you were actually getting a MusicID-Stream fingerprint back from the GNSDK function call. So instead of simply passing the <FP_BLOCKS> ... </FP_BLOCKS> elements as your DATA object, you need to submit the full XML document that was returned from gnsdk_musicid_query_get_fp_data . The XML document needs to be XML escaped.Hopefully this helps. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.Derek