we're looking to use the API in our iOS app to find similar album or artist from a seed album/artist


Pearl Jam - Ten

You might like: 

Soundgarden - SuperUnknown

Nirvana - Smell Like Teen Spirits

Alice in Chains - Dirt

and so on...


Is there any way we can make it? At the moment looks like we can only retrieve all the album from the same artist, or other album with the same name.  At the moment we're not interested in the audio player, just suggestion for similar album or artist with image cover 



Hi Filippo,

Have you tried the Rhythm API? You can do what you're asking with:


Here's what I get in the first 5 results (excluding Pearl Jam itself):

Nirvana - Nevermind
Soundgarden - Superunknown
Stone Temple Pilots - Purple
The Verve Pipe - Villains

If you use select_extended=cover, you'll get a link to the cover art as well.

Hope this helps!

Hello Ching Wei,

thanks, I've forwarded this to the developer, we'll testi this today

I'll keep you updated!