There are still a large number of my users who use PowerPC macs. yes, i know.

but i want to support them. But I can't without fat binaries. the binaries in the SDK are Intel only.

Where / how do i get FAT binaries?

Hi there,
We do have GNSDK for PPC internally, but don't ship it due to lack of demand. We can look into making it available.

One caveat, it probably won't be a Universal (Fat) library, at least not directly from us. The number libraries an application needs varies and we wouldn't like to bloat everything into a single huge Fat library. Dev's are always able to do the Lipo'ing of the libs themselves of course.

Check back when we update GNSDK for any information on PPC.

-Paul Quinn

in the mean time can you send me the PPC versions of the "manager" and "musicid" libs? I've already released my app as fat, but Gracenote is disabled on PPC, which is sad.

hi, i would appreciate your giving me SOME kind of reply, even if it's "yeah sorry we can't do that, you'll just have to wait for an update".
if possible can you give a time frame too, as my (many) PPC users are currently left twisting in the wind.

Hi Dave,
Unfortunately, we don't have any additional information on a release date for PPC libraries at this time. We will try our best to get it out soon, but for now we don't have a solution available for PPC users.

very well, thanks for the update! :D