Each time I try to download the GNSDK from the link

I get a different size of file always around 32-34MB and so far none of them is the complete file, winrar and others programs always informs that file is corrupted.

I tried donwloading from Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera in Windows 10 and OS X.


Is there another link or would please check this one?



same issue here :/ looks like a reoccurring issue from my brief search

In one try I get 81MB yesterday, but still wasn't the complete file...

I break up the SDK into two zip file. Please download both files and unzip them into the same folder.

Hi, could you also please fix the GNSDK for mobile link.  I have been trying to download android GNSDK for 3 weeks now. Everytime the downloaded file is incomplete. Thanks!

unfortunately the issue still persists for me. each time I download either file, I get a 12-20Mb size file. attempting to unzip only results in a failure message from the archive tool. Also worth noting perhaps, that the download speed is low around 50-80kb/s which is much slower than usual speeds for my internet.

Part two downloaded just fine, for the part one I got up to 79,8MB and still isn't the whole file.

Hi, from the way you talk it seems like you're one of the gracenote developers? If so can you take a look at the GNSDK downloads? I've tried several times to unzip these archives using several different tools such as Archive Utility and the Unarchiver on mac as well as 7zip on windows and they all fail to properly extract the data. At the moment I'm stuck using old versions of the SDK which I'm glad I kept backed up because as of now there is no way to download the GNSDK. I think having the download put into one zip file like it was before would be a lot easier for people to understand.

Those file are still corrupt. Tries already like 7 times to download. Always different file size and always corrupt.

Same problem here.

I cannot add a new app also.

"Currently unavailable, please check back later."

Even if i unzip both files together i still get a message that says the archives are corrupt. could you try hosting them somewhere else like aws s3

I cannot add a new app.


After all this time these 2 files still download corrupted....

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