The Digital First API provides video content from online sources such as YouTube, Maker Studios, and Fullscreen. The API is available for commercial license. Access can be gained by contacting Gracenote. Along with the API documentation, this page contains some best practices for interacting with Digital First APIs and Digital First content.

Making requests to the Digital First API requires a client_id and client_tag. Once you have that information, the base URL for Digital First API requests can be constructed according to the following pattern (substituting client_id and client_tag as aappropriate):


By way of example, the following properties:

Parameter Value
client_id 1074914895
client_tag 3EE477A2C9AC7000F90389ABBE1A64D8
version v1
endpoint /videos

Would produce the following URL:

Along with the production APIs, Digital First provides a Test environment. This can be useful for testing queries (particularly when utilizing POST endpoints to create content in Digital First). The Test Environment URL is constructed very similarly to the Production API endpoints (reference above). The only difference is the domain path. To reach the Test Environment, use the following URL scheme:


The following table defines the data constructs available through the Digital First APIs:

Data Description
video Video asset containing all pertinent information about a video.
source Content owner / creator
host Location(s) where the video can be viewed
tms_id The cannonical TMS_ID for the video asset
genres List of genres for the video asset
channel Channel to which the video belongs. Note that channels are a Digital First construct in this case and do not necessarily correspond to concepts of channels on the host / source.