We've a requirement from client for creating an application where user can upload a part/full song and want to recognize from a vast repository (like gracenote's). I went through the website and found for audio recognition, either GNSDK or mobile client should be used. But our application is written in PHP. How do I achive this. Can you please help me to write solution in PHP so that I could use and contribute to you. I can crack it.

I tried understanding the C sample code provided with GNSDK but no luck.

Please help..

Thanks for your question! The thing about audio recognition (aka fingerprinting) technology is that it requires access to the waveform signal directly from the audio file - this typically requires some local/client software to do audio decoding and signal analysis to generate the fingerprint. This is why you need to use either GNSDK or the Mobile Client to do audio recognition.

PHP is a server-side technology, and does not really have any audio processing capabilities. I suppose you could write a C application on the server using GNSDK to do the audio fingerprinting, and have PHP code for the user to upload an audio file and then execute the fingerprinting application through the shell. But this starts getting convoluted.

The preferred way to do audio recognition is to use one of the client-side libraries (GNSDK or Mobile Client, depending on your platform).

Thanks @cweichen. I understand. Can you please provide c program where I can give the file name/path and it returns the information about the file. I'll do it through shell & php. Some thing like: identify-song.exe folder/file_name.mp3

And Java wrapper if possible is fine too, if I've some tentative timeline for it's release. So that I could hold the work till Java wrapper comes to an action.

Hey Guys! can you plz let me know the strategy for creating a Java wrapped for GNSDK, so that we could help you in doing so.