Hi Developers

I searched from the artist name,
I want albums of artists to get all the albums of the specified artist name.

Also, I want to get artwork for each album, and artist of the artwork,, a Biography of artists.

However, when you search for an artist name, what album the artist is different, duplicate album name is acquired, artists of artwork, biography of the artist can not be obtained.

Do not query that returns the result as I want?

Clumsy I am sorry in English.
Thank you.


Hi Keisuke,
It will be helpful if you can post your query so that people can know exactly what was going on.
To your question - An album may be released multiple times because it is released in different area. So yes it is normal to see duplicate album names from your query results. To get artwork for an album, you will need to add one of the following options in your query:


Hope this helps.

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