I am trying to compile the samples from gnsdk on a Raspberry Pi (model B, I guess). But I get an "illegal instruction" when I run the sample.

Can I do something clever?

Thanks in advance.

/Simon C

Hi Simon

As far as I can guess, the pre-compiled binaries provided with the SDK for ARM are compiled for ARMv7. Gracenote dev team have told me via twitter that they don't have any plans to directly support the raspberry pi due to lack of demand. However, the raspberry pi 2 has an ARMv7 cpu and the 3 has an ARMv8. I have succesfully got an app to compile on the raspberry pi3 by editing the makefile to force ARMHF compilation with the standard gcc on the pi.

Hello Miguel, I am interesting in your makefile solution, as I try to build GNSDK on a similar platform (Next Thing's CHIP). When I "make" a sample, there's an error because it tries to build a linux x86 version ...

Thanks for your help !


Hi Miguel.

Thank you for your reply. I will save money for a raspberry pie 2 and compile it with the armhf.

Have a nice day.

/Simon C



I can confirm that it works on a rasberry pi 3. Thank you.

/Simon C

Hi Simon, wondering if you would be willing to share your make file and any other changes you made that got this to compile on the Raspberry Pi 3. Thanks in advance!

hi Simon C

what operating system did you use on your raspberry pi?