Hi guys,

I bought Accelarator plan for my app and want to see current statisctic for this app, like total users, unique users this month, requests count. Without this information it is very weird how I will pay every month for unknown value. I can't find where I can see any statistic.

Hi Vitalii,
Sorry for the confusion. For security reasons, we do not currently provide access to statistics through the portal.
We will send you an invoice that includes the number of unique users after the end of each month. You can contact us with any specific questions once we have sent you that month of usage, when we can review the information and provide you answers.
Thank you.

I have been wondering about this too.

Is there any way to get usage information before the first months invoice?

Hi Sebastian,
We will send you the invoice with usage info but not run the payment until the 10th of the month.
Let me know if sending you the invoice is an acceptable option.
If you wish to get usage information before the receiving the invoice, I can manually pull that for you and send it to you directly.