I'm currently getting "Gracenote quota for client/user has been exceeded" after only a few days of testing.

What's the current limit and how do I increase it for a non commercial application? Echonest has a similar non-commercial licence where they allow 20 req / second. Something simular would be nice.

Thanks for your question. Gracenote has two different limits: A user registration limit, and a per-user query limit. Under the non-commercial license, these limits are variable depending on service load.

User Registration Limit

This is the number of User ID's your app can request from the API. You should register for a User ID once and only once per end-user, and use that User ID for all subsequent queries on behalf of that end user. A typical user registration limit is around 1,000, and applies for the life of the Client ID (i.e. not per day)

Query Limit

The query limit is the number of API calls that can be made per-User ID, per-day. Query limits may be different for different API methods (for example a Web API call vs a MusicID Stream call vs an Entourage call) A typical query limit may be in the 100's to 1000's per user, per day (again, depending on the API method).


In your particular case, the problem may be you are registering a new user on every query, and are running into your User Registration Limit. I've gone ahead and re-enabled your Client ID - try only registering for a User ID once for each end-user, and not for each query, and see if you get what you need. Thanks!

Thanks for your answer. It sounds like the non-commercial license can't used in production then (even tho its being used in a non-commercial application). In the span of 10-20 request / sec would have been more realistic, like Echonest allows you to do.

You are allowed to release your application as long as it is a non-commercial application.
If you are planning to convert it to a commercial application, then you will need to first request for our Accelerator plan which gives you the permission to release applications for commercial use.