Dear All!

I'm new to Gracenote and I have a few general question on Gracenote's Accelerator (Beta) plan and its conditions.

On my website (commercial), where I sell digital sheet music, I'd like to enrich my existing content with additional music metadata, such as artist and/or composer biographies, genres, song and album descriptions, recommondations, music search, era, artist type, other song and albums of the artist/composer and cover art, images and fan art.
In addition to that, I'm looking for descreptive data and cover art, images and fan art for videos (movies and TV-Shows), sports events and stage entertainment (such as musicals and operas).

As far as I understood, Gracenotes Accelerator Plan is seemt to be suitabe for above issues. But do not fully understand the conditions of the plan.

Predetermined user and query limits:

  • How is this defined?
  • Who does count as a "user"?

Low monthly fee per active user:

  • How low is it?
  • How is an "active user" defined? Is it already a visitor of a Website, a logged in user or user that are actually purchasing something (plan or single item)?

Qualification terms apply:

  • What are those qualification terms? I haven't been able to find them.

Is there any example available, where I can see the whole range of music & video metadata, cover art, images and fan art, genres, etc.?

Thanks for your support,